Ibride Lazy Victoire Cat Tray


Stunning Lazy Victoire Cat Tray from the Ibride Galerie De Portraits collection.

* Designed for use as a decorative wall hanging or elegant serving tray
* Inspired by art and nature
* High pressure laminate
* Ornate laser cut border
* Heat resistant
* Dimensions 44cm x 32cm
* Wall fixing included
* Ibride matchbox style giftbox
* Made in France using traditional techniques

Galerie De Portraits is a collection of stunning and quirky pieces of wall art / serving trays from Ibride. Inspired by art and nature, they give a unique and fun twist on the traditional portrait. Create a bold statement in any home, interior, bar, restaurant or shop that is sure to get noticed by everyone. Lazy Victoire is easily recognisable as a unique Ibride piece.