Baba Lamp – Clear Glass


Glamorous, sleek and polished, these wonderful Baba Lamps are handblown from recycled glass and then hammered when still molten to give the beautiful textured finish – and you know how much we love texture! They come in 4 sizes.

Small / Tall 39 x 18cm (dia) £85
Large / Tall 50 x 26cm (dia) £125

Small / Wide 31 x 30cm (dia) £85
Large / Wide 42 x 31cm (dia) £125

Style them with our Dia Jute Lampshades in Natural (sold separately). The photograph shows the following combinations:

Large Tall Baba Glass Lamp /Large Lampshade (21.5 x 35/40.5cm dia)
Large Wide Baba Glass Lamp / Extra Large Lampshade (26cm x 40.5/46cm dia)
Small Tall Baba Glass Lamp / Medium Lampshade (18.5 x 25.5/30.5cm dia)
Small Wide Baba Glass Lamp / Small Lampshade (14.5cm x 15.5/20cm dia)

All lighting meets with CE (Conformity Europe) approval. Bulbs not included.

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