Tonfisk Murska Pestle & Mortar


MURSKA² is a mortar & pestle with two sizes of mortar bowl in a single product and an original ergonomically shaped pestle. MURSKA² combines a smaller porcelain mortar bowl which sits into a larger wooden mortar bowl. Thus providing options in size and use. The lip of the porcelain bowl ensures it sits steadily in place while being easy to remove. The inside of the porcelain bowl is unglazed to provide an effective surface for grinding. The wooden mortar bowl is treated with flax oil and is larger than the porcelain bowl. The original form of this Scandinavian design pestle means that it is both eye catching and extremely ergonomical, providing added grip and power during use. The grinding surface has also been designed to match the curve of mortar bowls to provide maximum contact area during grinding and mashing.

Diameter 13cm

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