Aqua Heart Mini Bowls / Jugs


Decorative pieces like this are the perfect finishing touch in your kitchen! Use for pouring milk into your morning coffee, or serving a dressing with dinner – or, alternatively, you could use as a small bowl for dips and nibbles. They measure approx 8 x 5cm.

Food safe and dishwasher safe, each piece is handmade and totally unique and waiting to be used in your home every day.

With a background in architecture and design, artisan maker Sophie designs and lovingly hand crafts unique pieces in small numbers, drawing on inspiration from the natural world. Her collections include embellished trinket dishes, inlaid side plates, single stem vases and garland serving platters. She uses Staffordshire stoneware clay and a careful choice of glazes to create depth, tactility and surface interest. These seemingly delicate items of tableware are all actually very practical: Sophie’s ceramics are food safe and dishwasher safe and ready to be enjoyed every day.

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