Iris Hantverk Tall Dustpan & Brush Set


Iris Hantverk creates brushes and other household goods that give ‘hand-made’ a new meaning. Based in Enskede, Sweden, the Iris Hantverk workshop has fourteen employees, five of whom are visually impaired craftsmen from around the world. Iris Hantverk has two stores in Stockholm and sells through selected outlets in other countries. Their brushes are made according to an old Swedish tradition that began in the late 1900s – beautifully designed, hand finished and made from natural materials. Iris Hantverk hopes that you will appreciate quality of these wonderful brushes and household goods.

These Tall Dustpan Sets are elegant with a minimalist yet functional beauty. Superb, handmade quality designed to last for years.

Material: Oil treated beech, horsehair & plastic
Weight: 650g
Dimensions: 97.5cm (H) x 27.5cm (W) x 23cm (D)


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